sami-matti trogen joins finnish rally championship in 2020 ? season will be started from the arctic



Sami-Matti Trogen has been driving successfully in rallycross but now it’s time to change circuits to rally stages. Trogen will drive in Finnish Rally Championship in the SM3 class with brand new Ford Fiesta R2 car. Co-driver for Trogen will be Topi Luhtinen. The season will start in the middle of January from Rovaniemi, Finland. In addition to rally, Trogen will concentrate on eSports, but doors will be kept open also to racing.

This won’t be the first time for 17 years old Trogen to do a rally as Arctic Lapland Rally in Rovaniemi, Finland, will be third rally in his career.

- I drove a few rallies last year and I liked it immediately. Best thing is that you can drive a lot and the roads are so different every time. I’m eagerly waiting for the first competitions in rally. There will sure be challenges and maybe one of the biggest will be learning pace notes, but we will train a lot before the Arctic challenge,Trogen says.

The co-driver for Trogen will be 25 years old Topi Luhtinen. Luhtinen has been doing co-driving eg. to Juha Salo who is a multiple time Finnish Rally Champion.

- My co-driver in rally will be Topi Luhtinen. Our co-operation started well from the very beginning and have been smooth and nice. We will work a lot together now and will practice for pace notes, let’s see then at the Arctic how we have progressed. It’s new for me to work with someone closely in the car compared to a rallycross car in which you are always alone, adds Trogen.

Rest of the plans, news and feelings we will be reported in the beginning of 2020.

Picture: Jan Kåre Rafoss

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